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to the Premier High School Graduation Calculator. This simple step-by-step form will help predict when you could graduate by enrolling at Premier and following the education program set forth. At Premier, the learning is controlled by the learner. In our school, you have the opportunity to receive individualized help from teachers, accelerate through your schoolwork, and gain a high school diploma which is necessary to further your success in today’s workforce. Complete this form to see the possibilities.

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Social Studies



The following can count toward the PE credit - Foundations of Personal Fitness, Adventure/Outdoor Education, Aerobic Activities, Team or Individual Sports, Athletics, JROTC, Appropriate private or commercially-sponsored physical activity programs conducted on or off campus, Drill Team, Marching Band, or Cheerleading.
PE more info

The following can count toward the Fine Arts credit - Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Principles and Elements of Floral Design, Digital Art and Animation, or 3D Modeling and Animation.
Fine Arts more info

State-approved innovative courses can be found at this link. If there is an elective on your official transcript, it should be approved. Unused credits from other categories can be counted as electives. "Local" Credits do not count.
Electives more info

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This is not an official Academic Plan. The calculations are approximate. An official Academic Plan will be created during the enrollment process. Your result may change depending on your progression through the learning material.

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